MiG-31B "Foxhound"

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   Model's specifications
Type: MiG-31B "Foxhound"
   Scale: 1:72
Manufacturer: Zvezda, Russia
Date of publishing: 11.07.2009
   Author: Yufei Mao, Китай


This model was finished in August, 2008, and was submitted to the Japanese Aircraft Modeling Magazine "Scale Aviation" which published it on its November, 2008 issue.

The base kit is from Zvezda, which has many problems such as too wide panel lines, crude details, the top line of closed canopies is off, etc. But compared with ICM/Condor/Eastern Express kit, it's still much better in my opinion.

Besides, Part photo-etching parts, NeOmega resin K-36 ejection seat, Tally-Ho! resin R-60 missiles and Begemot decal were used.

The main correction/detailing works are as below:

1. Cockpit was assembled by Part photo-etching parts and NeOmega resin seat. The etching parts do not match the plastic base very well so dry-fitting and adjusting is very important.

2. Canopies are reshaped and was made to be openable in order to show the cockpit details while be able to enjoy the outline of the whole aircraft when canopies closed.

3. The inatake parts, which Zvezda provides, are proto type. So I scratch-built this area.

4. So do the exhaust nozzles. Thin plastic sheet was covered on the original part and sanded to take the shape. The inside area of the nozzles are also all scratch-built.

5. APU-60-2 pylons are scratchi-built, with excellent resin R-60 missles, to show an operational Foxhound.

6. Landing gears are all detailed up, including using sliced masking tapes and wiring work.

7. Tow-bar was all scratch-built by plastic/copper rods and copper wires.

8. Figures are modified from Preiser NATO pilots/mentainnance crew into modern Russian ones.

9. Ladders and wheel chocks are photo-etching parts from Flightpath.

Photo by V.Martynyuk

The Foxhound was painted in the scheme of 712 IAP, based at Kansk AB, Krasnoyarsk Region. The "Fox Badge" on the nose was applied when it visted another squadron in 2002, and the "Eagle Badge" on the intake was the symbol of 712 IAP.

Photo by V.Martynyuk

Some updated news here. If you're willing to build a 1/72 MiG-31, the new tooled ICM No.72151 kit is the best choice. From the sprues, it seems to be based on the Zvezda kit but with new canopies, nozzles, missiles,etc. And be attention that the OLD mold of ICM MiG-31 is also catalogued as 72151, and I don't find a good way to recognize them from box art (they share the same box art), so DO check the contents before you buy.

Finally, I want to appreciate to the staff, especially Mr.Fujii of "Scale Aviation", Art Box, and also the great photos taken by Mr.Uchiyama of Studio Entaniya.

Hope you enjoy the work and feel free to contact me!


Yufei Mao
December, 2008


© Yufei Mao 2008