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Sergey Archakov  

"Flanker DVD"

This DVD ended up in my hands not by accident. Some time ago there were very detailed pictures of Su-27 Flanker published at modellers board on www.sukhoi.ru. The author of the pictures - Maxim Kyrychenko, a.k.a. bulbul, told me the pcitures were taken at Besoves airbase, North-West of Russia.

Afterwards I asked Maxim few times for specific shots to be made (like missiles, intakes, ladder etc.) at Besovec and for his permission to publish some of his pictures on different modellers boards or share them with those who were involved in various aftermarket project for Flanker models (e.g. Chris from zactomodels.com). This raised a huge interest to the pictures within the western modellers community.

I passed this info to Maksim and it brought him an idea to organise the pictures, burn a disc and sale it for those crazy about Flanker and those who forever fell in love with aviation.

Before that step I made a very simple marketing research which confirmed the interest to the disc idea and after some time of various considerations about how the disc should look like it finally saw the light. The DVD was ready to be released.

So, what this DVD looks like?

First, as it is clear from the title, it is a DVD-ROM. So it will require to have DVD-drive to read the disc.

Secondly, this is 917 (!) higly detailed pictures in high-resolution (not less than 1600x1200 pixels)

Thirdly, it is build-in viewer which is, I have to say, a bit limited (for example, you have to close a picture first to see another one). However, the user-friendly menu and catalogue system of the pictures devided by "topics" like engine, missiles, cockpit etc (see the screenshoot above) allow you to find quickly any picture you need, zoom it in or out to fit your screen or save it to your hard-drive by right-click on your mouse.

Below is an example picture in reduced resolution (left engine compartment)

Well, the disc is very useful and easy to use, there is not installation routine or alike. But most important it has all the picture any modeller needs to have in order to super detail a model of Flanker in any scale.

The price of the DVD of 20USD +5USD for p&p is, I believe, reasonable, considering the quality and number of the pictures. The payment can be done via PayPal. Should anyone wish to buy the disc please send me an email with your name, address for delivery and valid email to which I will then send PayPal's money request.

The DVD may be downloaded if you prefer to do so.

Happy modelling!

© Sergey Archakov 2005